Vertigo Monocultivar Organic Frantoio Olive Oil

Organic Type: Organic – Filtered
Capacity: 500 Ml – 250 Ml – 100 Ml
Packaging: Dark Green Glass Bottle With “Guala” Not Refillable Cap Crushed And Bottled Under Nitrogen Gas And Can 100 Ml
Region: Tuscany
Origin: Italy
Variety Of Olives: 100% Frantoio
Certifications: Organic
Taste: Intense Fruity
Year Of Production: 2022-2023


The Nose Has Strong Hints Of Artichoke And Arugula.
The Entrance In The Mouth Immediately Reveals Its Strong Fruity Character, With Strong And Intense Hues Especially In The Perception Of Bitter, Less Of Spicy, Green Pepper And Artichoke Notes.

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From the varieties of frantoio olives with the characteristic green color and the strong bitter notes, from the best olive groves in the countryside of Florence, comes the Organic extra virgin olive oil “VERTIGO”, with the typical intense fruity scent, excellent testimony of the Tuscan oil production, commissioned by Giovanni Donnini who’s been working for years at its enhancement.

Usage information

Pairing: Suitable for all dishes where it is required and appreciated an oil of strong character and personality.
Excellent for all types of pinzimonio, ribollita , all soups and of legumes minestre, boiled legumes, grilled vegetables and meats.
How to use: Straight from the bottle, for seasoning cold and hot dishes with a robust structure. For medium/ long cooking at high temperature.
Storage: In a cool, dry place. Away from light, heat and odours. Once open, minimize exposure to air.
Duration of the product: To be consumed preferably within 18 months from the date of packaging.

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