“You need passion and a little bit of courage”

If you ask Giovanni Donnini the reason for the restless condition that pervades him at each harvest and culminates with the first taste of a new oil and then rekindles with vigour when it’s time for the next year’s bloom, the answer will be only one and always the same: Passion! Born in the countryside of his family’s farm “Paiatici” in the municipality of Fiesole, from an early age he grew up in the privilege of an ancient world made of tradition and values, between secular olive trees, and the daily efforts in the farmers’ fields, amongst which farmhouses he spent his summer holidays, entire days. And it was there, living directly the experiences of the rural civilization, a world at last disappeared, that he matured a strong passion for olive trees even before than for olive oil; for this generous and vital plant capable of generating a fruit that has always represented, for humanity, a meaning of absolute pureness, from religious symbology to various medical remedies, from cosmetics all the way to representing a central element in our nutrition, sublimated in our current Mediterranean diet. And this is the reason for Giovanni Donnini’s profuse passion in the valorisation of his olives to create and commercialize, through the company Matrix, a product of true excellence as testified by the numerous certificates received and from the great results achieved throughout the years, participating in important international competitions. From this passionate commitment, he created the company Matrix, which from 2014 has been producing and commercializing its Organic extra-virgin olive oil in its three declinations: the historical multi-award winning Essentia Gocce d’oro” IGP Toscano Colline di Firenze, the Monocultivar di Frantoio Vertigo and the most recentMonocultivar di Moraiolo Medusa

Our land

The rich flavour of Tuscan olive oil.
Essentia Organic IGP Oil

The excellent results of an accurate selection of frantoio
Moraiolo and Leccino olives, from the secular olive trees
of the Florentine countryside. Olive oil with a distinct depth of flavour.


The olive oil sommelier Lorenzo Caponi
Experienced olive-oil taster from Restaurant PS of Cerreto Guidi – Florence

“Essentia Gocce D’oro: a great Tuscan pride”



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The WH Food Award

Another recognition for our oils! The WH Award 2023: GOLD for “ESSENTIA GOCCE D’ORO” Organic Toscano PGI Colline di Firenze, and RED for “ESSENTIA COLLEZIONE” Organic.


Our “ESSENTIA GOCCE D’ORO”Organic Tuscan PGI Colline di Firenze,has once again received GOLD MEDAL from the Athena International Olive Oil Competition! Athena Gold 2023

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Dubai OOC 2021
The excellent results in DUBAI OOC 2021

What they say about us…

The taste of Tuscany

Wonderful synthesis of tradition and territory, excellent results of an accurate selection of Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olives, from the secular olive oil trees of Florentine countryside.
Our products have achieved recognition in international competitions and are mentioned by importance guides of the sector such as Flos Olei, Terre d’Olio, Merum.

High Quality

An excellence of our land. Grown organically with natural fertilisers and thanks to the incomparable microclimate of the hills of Fiesole’s territory.

Trusted Allies

Each one of our products will be a precious ally in your kitchen, for all kinds of recipes, both sweet and savoury.

Organic Oil

Produced with care and passion through processes which are carried out in the upmost respect for the most rigorous principle of organic agriculture.

Authentic Taste

We take care of our olive trees, we pick olives, we prepare the oil with passion and dedication so to bring to your table the authentic taste of extra-virgin olive oil.

We take care of them

Rigorous and constant monitoring is indispensable to us, in order to guarantee a perfect product.

Refined Product

An excellence in the sector produced by virtue of passion and experience with due regard to all the quality control procedures that guarantee its uniqueness.

Production of Tuscan Organic Extra-virgin Olive Oil

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