Essentia Gocce D’oro Collezione Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Organic type: Filtered
Capacity: 500 ML – 250 ML
Packaging: Dark green glass bottle with “guala” not refillable cap, pressed and bottled under Nitrogen gas
Region: Tuscany
Origin: Italy
Variety of olives: Frantoio-Moraiolo
Certifications: Organic
Taste: Medium fruity
Production year: 2022-2023
Ingredients: 100% Extra-virgin olive oil made in Italy from olives harvested in Italy – Fiesole (FI)


The nose smells like green hints of salad and artichoke. The entrance into the mouth is characterized by extreme vigour given by the clear spicy sensation of chili, artichoke and sage with pleasurable balsamic hints. The characteristics of sourness and spiciness are persistent

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil ESSENTIA GOCCE D’ORO COLLEZIONE comes from the Frantoio and Moraiolo varieties of olives, typical of the Florentine countryside, coming exclusively from the best olive groves which have been present for centuries in the territory of Fiesole. Splendid blend, synthesis of tradition and territory, excellent result that renews the passion with which Giovanni Donnini has been committed to its enhancement for years. The olives of Moraiolo and Frantoio varieties, all exclusively cultivated and harvested by hand on the Farm owned in Fiesole, are pressed on the same day of their picking at the Pruneti Oil Mill, that’s innovative and futuristic in the techniques of crushing and bottling, in order to limit the oxidation of the oil as much as possible. The immediately filtered oil is then bottled in bottles of 0.25 and 0.50 cl thus ensuring a use with as much fragrance as the occasion requires.

Usage information

Food pairing: It is ideal on vegetable bruschettas, lentil salads, marinated amberjack, tomatoes with rice, bean puree, pheasant ragout tagliatelle, tortelli with hare, pappa al pomodoro, first courses with salmon, shrimp in guazzetto, grilled cuttlefish, poultry or baked lamb, beef steak with roasted yellow potatoes, goat cheese, semi-aged pecorino cheese.
How to use: For seasoning cold and hot dishes with a robust structure. For medium/ long cooking at high temperature.
Storage: In a cool, dry place. Away from light, heat and odours. Once open, minimize exposure to air.
Duration of the product: To be consumed preferably within 18 months from the date of packaging.


TERRE D’OLIO 20120 by Fausto Borella
MERUM 2020
FLOS OLEI by Marco Oreggia 2019
TERRE D’OLIO 2019 by Fausto Borella


Awards obtained in 2020:
Gold Medal at the “Olive Japan” in Tokyo – Japan

Awards obtained in 2019:
Silver Medal at the “Athena International Olive Oil Competition” – Greece
Silver Medal at “Olive Japan” in Tokyo – Japan

AIRO MEMBER 2018- 2019

Awards obtained in 2018:
Gold Medal at the “Athena International Olive Oil Competition” – Greece
Gold Medal at the “Olive Japan” in Tokyo with special jury award “Toshida Tada Special Sommelier Award” – Japan
Mention of Merit to the “Premio Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento” – Italy

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