The 2020 Harvest

After a long and difficult year, the olives collected for the new pressing of 2020 finally shine in our hands like nuggets; while we wait to see again the beloved thin green line, we contemplate the fruit of our hard work.

Olive Japan 2020 Award

For the sixth time in a row, the excellence of our Organic oils ESSENTIA GOCCE D’ORO IGP Toscano and VERTIGO, is confirmed with the recognition “GOLD MEDAL AWARD” at the International Competition OLIVE JAPAN 2020.

In The Fields Nature Runs Forward

Meanwhile in the fields the nature runs ahead and the olive trees wait impatiently to be looked after again. “They can cut all the flowers but they cannot stop the spring” (Pablo Neruda)  

TERRE D’OLIO 2020 – Accademia Maestro D’olio

The oil master Fausto Borella is pleased to inform you that Matrix has been included with merit in the guide Terred’olio 2020. Yet again, this year our Olive Oil Company has been successfully included in the Guide “TERRE D’OLIO 2020”  published by the “Accademia Maestro…


It is with great satisfaction that we announce that also this year the prestigious Guide “TASCHENFUHRER OLIVENOL 2020” published by Merum, has inserted our oil “ESSENTIA DROPS OF GOLD” exquisit blend of olives Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino among the best olive oils of the vintage…

Pruning time

Pruning time. We started off the month of March by taking care of the olive groves from the very first days, starting the ritual pruning season; then a sad and dramatic deadly shadow obscured the light of life of the whole world. The Coronavirus pandemic…


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Multi award-winning Oil, Early Pressing

Early pressing of the oil Essentia Gocce D’Oro, multi award-winning extra-virgin with olives (frantoio, moraiolo and leccino) produced by Fattoria Paiatici in Compiobbi, selected by Giovanni Donnini’s Matrix, notary of organic oil. Source: article from pag. 19 of “La Nazione Firenze”, October 13th 2019

The Creation of Fiesole’s Olive Oil

Fiesole The region where we’re located certainly helps us a lot; made of tradition and values among secular olive trees. Here, organic extra virgin olive oil is a thread that connects everyone from the tradition of our land to the essence of our soul, so…

The Harvest

Everything begins with the harvest Everything begins with the harvest The harvesting of olives is a very delicate phase and in order not to spoil the precious raw material, it can be done through several methods: Natural method: no type of machinery is used, but…

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